Blue Lace Agate, Topaz & Quartz Necklace

Blue Lace Agate, Topaz & Quartz Necklace

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Blue Lace Agate is a rock star for soothing an overactive mind and calming nerves. Similar to the effects of gazing at a pale blue sky that stretches out to the horizon, Blue Lace Agate is the best tool for relaxing and maintaining a calm demeanor. Call on this gemstone for a much-needed daily does of positive vibes, the best antidote to the stress of our busy, hectic lives.

Quartz Crystals have been a source of light to mankind for many years. Quartz are the supreme gift of Mother Earth. Wearing, carrying or meditating with a quartz crystal helps to open the mind and heart to higher guidance.

Topaz is a carrier of solar or male energy. Topaz is a powerful stone for strengthening the whole physical body. It balances, soothes and cleanses emotions and thoughts, releases stress, and brings joy. In spiritual sense this stone brings love and peace.

Both the pendant and chain are crafted from sterling silver. Chain measures 20" in length.