Vibrational Sound Therapy

Sound healing is a vibrational energy modality used to bring about balance of  our physical, spiritual, and emotional  bodies. The human body is made up of electromagnetic vibrations. “Each atom  and element of the body, each organ and  organism” (Cayce, Edgar 1928), responds  to vibrations. These vibrational patterns  influence our well being on many levels; each atom has its own frequency.  Vibrating “out of synch” can manifest as  dis-ease. Sound work helps release  “stuck” patterns and increases the positive charge in cells, which  promotes normal cellular division. Sound  work alters neurotransmitter patterns of all five senses. Our natural frequencies drop  as we age, or when we become ill. Sound work boosts our vibrational frequencies, and has been proven to be 97% effective for balancing and healing.

Through the use of vibrational energy  medicine, sound therapy, and other  subtle energy treatments, we can  enhance the positive resonance of our body, mind, and spirit. The intention of the practitioner is to provide the opportunity for the client to relax into the sounds, so that the sound becomes the “carrier wave” upon which their own healing intentions ride.

At Dari Rasa we offer sessions that include the use of crystal bowls, alchemy bowls and Tibetan Singing bowls. Your session is received while laying on an Amethyst BioMat. The BioMat is far infrared, and reaches 5-6 inches into the body to release stress, toxins and heavy metals. The combination of the BioMat and the unique sound therapy session will leave you in a blissful state and feeling more balanced and centered.

We offer hour long sessions, focusing on the best sound therapy for you at the price of $100.

Please give us a call at the store (406) 582-0166 to book your appointment!