Bowls for Elephants

In 2013 we began our Bowls for Elephants project, and from day one have
worked with Patara Elephant Farm in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Through community fundraising in our hometown of Bozeman, MT, we have provided Patara Elephant Farm with the knowledge, skills and singing bowls they need to enhance the elephants physical, emotional and mental well- being. Patara Elephant Farm is proud to be home of the first elephant hospital using vibrational sound therapy and singing bowls as part of their integrative treatment.

Boon Pak is an adult male that has had great success with receiving sound therapy through our project.

Elephants have vibrational sensors in their feet and their trunks, creating a sound sensory bridge between themselves and the world. The singing bowls are tools that we use to allow the elephants to tap into their joy and their highest state of vibration; as sentient beings, elephants are striving for an optimal emotional state. We have seen success with relieving PTSD, depression, anxiety and stress. The bowls allow them to heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

When we begin working with the elephants and playing our singing bowls, they have a series of reactions that are noticeable and indicative of a successful treatment. 

The first reaction is curiosity about the sound. Often times they will reach their trunks closer to see what is going on, or physically step forward. 

The second reaction is a shift in body language, showing true relaxation. Physical signs of a content and relaxed elephant are moving ears (flapping motion), tail moving or wagging, body swaying softly, and their eyes softening and becoming gentle.

The third reaction is an elevated sense of relaxation. Often times you will see their eyes roll back, and they will turn their body towards the sound. The greatest indicator is visible in their trunks, and seeing a shift to the muscles softening to a vertical direction, versus the usual horizontal lines when active, is quite the sight to see. 

On a recent trip to Thailand during July 2017, we became a part of the Chiang Mai Elephant Alliance, which is a collective group of elephant camp owners working to improve the qualities and standards of the elephant tourism industry in Thailand. We are proud to be working with this collective group of camp owners, and hope to expand our project to other camps, and sharing the beautiful sound healing with elephants all over the world. 

The owner of Patara Elephant Farm is Pat, and shared that the elephants are "happier, they are calmer, and in many cases letting go of emotional trauma, PTSD and stress." We are excited to see what develops from this project, and are proud to be a part of the wonderful team at Patara Elephant Farm.